Our Charity Partner

The Cinnamuncher team with our Sri Lankan origin is very aware of the poor conditions of the stray animals in Sri Lankan communities. We are delighted to work with Animal SOS Sri Lanka as our charity partner to help their commendable work by donating 50p from every sale on our website towards their charity.

Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a UK registered charity (Charity Reg No#1119902), was founded on the vision of Kim Cooling, who after witnessing the appalling plight of animals in Sri Lanka, particularly the strays, decided to take action to help them.

With a determined and dedicated group of friends and animal lovers all sharing the vision and aims of the charity, their vital mission has grown and continues to this day helping street animals in dire need.

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Animal SOS Sri Lanka is a unique facility for street animals in Sri Lanka. They have a beautiful, free-roaming sanctuary for dogs and secure sanctuary for cats in the Southern part of Sri Lanka which provides a safe-haven for the sick, disabled and vulnerable strays.​

They run an on-site veterinary clinic with resident local vets & are operational every day of the year providing life-saving treatment and care. They also operate neutering/rabies vaccination programmes in the local area, adoption schemes and animal welfare education.

If you wish to support their noble cause with additional financial support Donate now to Animal SOS through Paypal.

Regular donations help them to plan their spend. It's possible to set up a regular donation through Paypal.