Our Story

Growing up in a family background where Buddhism had a big influence, we learnt to love every living being around us. We learnt to appreciate the creations of the universe, to love the trees and the eco-system that nurture us. We learnt to treat each other with love and respect, helping each other when in need.

We learnt about the ways of our ancestors who lived closer to nature. Coming from a long line of Ceylon Cinnamon farmers in the southern parts of Sri Lanka, we learnt to sweeten our coffee with a sprinkle of Ceylon Cinnamon from our grandparents. We watched rural villagers brush their teeth by chewing on young fresh branches of Ceylon Cinnamon trees, using it as natural wooden brushes. We saw the village dogs follow the habit by chewing on the residual cinnamon wood after the inner bark was removed.

We have seen Ayurvedic medics use Cinnamon bark and leaf oil to treat various skin related issues. After carefully researching about the benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon to both humans and dogs, and seeing the joy of Alfie - The ‘Real’ Cinnamuncher, when he got his first Cinnamon stick, it inspired us to breathe The Cinnamuncher brand to life.

Our Cinnamon chew sticks for dogs are made from residual wood which is a by-product of the True Ceylon Cinnamon cultivation – no tree is uprooted specifically for us. Our suppliers – small scale farmers from Sri Lanka, that coastal island of serendipity – are paid fairly, supported and trained further, to recycle, reuse and repurpose their agricultural waste to create the Ceylon Cinnamon Chews we all love. We know each one of them personally.

Our philosophy ensures that natural landscapes remain untouched and a big part of the value added goes into the improvement of local living conditions of these people.

A stick that was once a burden they got rid of, is now paying for the school supplies for their children.

Alfie - The 'Real' Cinnamuncher

Woof! My name is Alfie – the entrepreneurial Jack Russel Terrier from the United Kingdom. Together with my human parents Kay and Jay, I am proud to bring you 'The Cinnamuncher' – the brand behind the Ceylon Cinnamon wood chew sticks for dogs.

We're a small independent business who put a lot of love in to what we do - all of your orders are handmade and sent out by Kay & Jay with a small support crew - and the most important things to us are our dogs, our customers, our suppliers and our planet. We wanted to pamper our dog with the best natural products in the market and were shocked by the limited choices. We expanded our product range to stay within our ethos of sourcing eco-friendly, natural and as much as possible - organic products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

We started our journey early 2020 - just before the pandemic that changed our consumer behaviours drastically. But with determination & perseverance, we launched our brand in 2021 and have been growing rapidly as a brand ever since. 

We welcome all “branch-managers” to “stick-with-us” to take our natural, sustainably sourced, unique products to the rest of the world where we can aim to improve the lives of our furry four legged companions.

So, you are welcome to have a look around and we hope you will love what you find. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you as soonest we can!