We would always like to 'stick with' likeminded brands or "BRANCH managers" as we call it, who share the same values as us, championing the importance of sustainability and quality natural products.

If that sounds like you and you're interested in stocking our products in your shop please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Stick out in the crowd!

We can provide point of sale display racks made using natural materials to highlight the natural properties of the products.
Our open presentation and lack of unnecessary plastic packaging allows customers to interact with the products, leading to more sales.

These easy to assemble displays can keep your products stocked neatly while giving you extra shelf space for other products. Our signs informs customers about the benefits of The Cinnamuncher products and all relevant information to capture their interest.

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Will you become a part of our success story?

We want partners who value the ethos we stand behind – safe and sustainable products that benefit our doggy companions, which are ethically produced to highest standards.

I hope we can make you proud knowing that you will profit from a professional and reliable collaboration that contributes towards uplifting the livelihood of the farming families in Sri Lanka.

Starting from an idea based on a thrown away stick, The Cinnamuncher has grown steadily and continues to expand. As a family run business, we stay true to our product and our actions. With our increased production as we grow, we are ready to go global!


Thinking of becoming a business customer with your own brand?
We can make it happen for very large orders.

Just reach out our team with a bit of information about you and your business.

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