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Ceylon Cinnamon-wood Dog Chew Stick (Large)

Ceylon Cinnamon-wood Dog Chew Stick (Large)

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The Cinnamuncher’s Ceylon Cinnamon-wood Dog Chews Sticks are sustainable dog chews made using real, natural wood to satisfy their natural chewing instincts. Chewing gives natural dental care and occupies the energetic dog. It also helps them cope with external stimulants that can stress them out.

Large sized stick is suitable for large dog breeds that weighs above 20kgs or medium sized dogs with a strong enthusiasm to chew.

Made from the residual wood from Ceylon Cinnamon plantations where the inner bark is removed for human consumtion. Carefully selected and repurposed wood is then simply graded, dried, and sanded, making these a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for dogs of all sizes. As a natural wood product, it will chew down but less likely to produce sharp splinters.

    Important to Know

    • Your dog should be supervised whilst using their Ceylon Cinnamon-wood Chews.
    • Make sure the chew is big enough for your dog; take it away if it becomes a choking hazard.
    • This is a natural wood product and it will break down piece by piece, into its natural fibres by the teeth of the dog when chewed over time.
    • Like every chew product, the Cinnamuncher sticks can be bitten through by dogs with particularly strong jaws and enthusiasm. Therefore the lifetime of the product depends on the dog.
    • If broken down please replace take the stick away from the dog and replace it immediately.
    • Ceylon Cinnamon-wood Chews are an entertainment toy for dogs and should not be considered as a treat or a food substitute.


    Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) wood


    • Length : 26cm
    • Weight : 200g
    • Stick Diameter : 3.5 - 4cm

    Due to the natural nature of the product, length and weight could have subtle variations.

    Shipping & Returns

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    If your order doesn't arrive or has been damaged en route please email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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    Revised and updated on 01/08/2022

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    Size matters...

    Every dog is different. Whether they are big or small their chewing habits are unpredictable. When in doubt, always choose one size bigger.

    The Cinnamuncher Ceylon Cinnamon wood chews are a natural product so size and shapes will vary.

    Customer Reviews

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    Pup loved it

    Soosii Bramwell
    Great stick

    My dog loves his stick. He is happily nibbling on both ends. As a pup who likes a chew it’s ideal for him.